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Name:Prince James 'Charming'/David Nolan
Birthdate:Jun 22
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
Info: Prince James/Charming: Born to a poor peasant family who gave birth to twins. When he and his brother were still just infants Rumpelstiltskin comes and says a child is needed. They are paid well for the son they gave away. That child was raised as a Prince, the son of King George. Once they had grown up the real James was killed in a duel. Rumpelstiltskin returns and convinces the surviving twin to come take his brother's place. He agrees and leaves thinking this would take care of his mother who was poor still. When he slayed a dragon his brother was supposed to, King Midas gave him the gift of his daughter's hand. He turned it down but King George threatened his mother and her home and he was forced to accept.

After having to tell his mother he can't see her anymore, she gives him her ring to give to the woman he loves. On the way back with new bride-to-be Abigail with him a tree is knocked down. A thief steals his bag of jewels including the wedding ring. He gives chase and this is how Prince Charming met Snow White. Later he releases Abigail's true love Frederick from his golden prison inciting the fury of King George because the union between kingdoms is now gone. The iconic scene of Snow White being poisoned by the apple and her laying in the glass coffin comes into play. James kisses her waking her from this slumber. He later married Snow White who has her own enemy in the Evil Queen because of something she accidentally did as a child. They get an evil wedding crasher in the form of The Evil Queen who threatens to take their happiness and leaves when James throws his sword at her. The dark curse comes after Snow is pregnant. She is able to give birth to a little girl they name Emma. James manages to save their daughter and puts her in a wardrobe where she vanishes. He's attacked by the Black Knight and left for dead being help by his beloved as the curse takes hold. Knowing their daughter was safe and would someday be their savior he is at peace.

David Nolan: In Storybrooke David was a coma patient when first seen and married to a woman named Kathryn. They didn't get along well and after one of many fights he leaves her. He was in some sort of accident and it's said Regina found him and brought him to the hospital becoming his emergency contact. In a coma for several years before he wakes up. Upon the urging of Henry Mills, Mary Margaret Blanchard reads the story of Snow White to the comatose David who grabs her hand. Waking from his coma the next evening he leaves the hospital and is found at the troll bridge passed out and bleeding. During his recovery much the chagrin of Regina and Kathryn he and Mary Margaret grow closer. He leaves a welcome home party and goes to see her telling her he was choosing her over Kathryn. He sets up a meeting with Mary Margaret with the intent to leave the wife he can't remember until Regina gives him wrong directions. He ends up at Gold's shop seeing a windmill he remembers everything. This ends up with him telling her he remembers and he will honor his marriage to Kathryn which upsets Mary Margaret who yells at him for leading her on. He saves Mary Margaret later on during a storm and while hiding from the storm the confess their love. He goes to kiss her but she pulls away saying Kathryn things she's pregnant and they agree seeing each other again is a bad idea.

When Kathryn gets a job in Boston he ends up telling her he can't be with her but not why. Kathryn finds out from Regina who confronts Mary Margaret. He tries to fix things such as washing the word tramp off of Mary Margaret's car. She tells him she can't be with him and leaves him. Later he is questioned about the disappearance of his wife and confesses to having blackouts. Leaving him to think he may have hurt her without knowing. Mistaken memories of his past life confuse with his life now and he believes Mary Margaret did it. He's about to leave Storybrooke when the curse is broken and he remembers his life as Prince Charming. He reunites with Snow.

They also reunite with Emma now realizing she is their daughter they sent away to be kept safe, and to save them later on. Their happiness is short lived as he has to protect Regina from the townspeople who want their revenge. Regina is put in the jail for her safety. The newly reunited family comes and finds a wraith that Gold released sucking Regina;s soul out and they decide, for Henry, to protect Regina. This plan goes wrong while using Jefferson (The Mad Hatter)'s hat the wraith grabs hold of Emma taking her through the portal and Snow jumps in to save her daughter. Sadly the vortex closes before David himself can follow his wife and daughter.

Back home while he tries to find a way to get them home, his grandson Henry stays with him. He decides to teach him how to sword fight with wooden swords. Also in the absence of Emma the sheriff David is now acting Sheriff.
Personality: As Prince Charming he can be aloof, and a smart ass. He got his nickname Charming for a reason, he was a cheeky ass. It wasn't given to him to be nice. He's also willing to sacrifice any life he may have wanted for himself to take care of his mother. To make sure she was well off and safe from King George's anger. This sacrifice carries to the willingness to let his daughter go to keep her safe and hoping some day she will come find them and release the curse.

As David even after getting his memories back he's a little more grounded. Part of it was in the end of FTL as a family man he was showing that maturity. Remembering who he is and being faced with his daughter who is no longer an infant but a grown woman (not to mention being a grandfather) he's much more mature in his thoughts.

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Canon Point entering: After the events of S02E04 - The Crocodile

[I'm not David/Charming/James, nor did I create him. He is from ABC's Once Upon a Time and belongs to his creators. I am not Josh Dallas who portrays the character. Muse and mun are both over 18.]
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